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Old 11-07-2012, 07:36 PM
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Default 2014 SVSA "General" Drag Racing Rules

No big changes, please read these over and pass them around!

Thigh points are:

1. Addition of a clause to ensure sleds have adequate ski loops.
2. Addition of wording to ensure plastic skis and ski skins are not allowed.
3. Addition of wording to ensure that only snowmobile components are used.
4. Addition of wording to ensure that the old original class listings are used as there are mistakes in some of the digitized versions.
5. Addition of wording to allow some room to replace suspensions to accommodate rubber tracks.

Saskatchewan Vintage Snowmobile Association
Vintage Drag Race Rules 2014

The SVSA 2013-2014 Vintage Snowmobile Drag Race rules are as follows

1. All drivers participating must sign a liability waiver. Alcohol, illicit drugs and other controlled substances are strictly prohibited from the race track and spectator areas.

2. The local race officials reserve the right to disallow from racing and/or eject from the premises any person and/or their snowmobile for safety or security reasons.

3. All snowmobiles participating may be subjected to a tech inspection at the discretion of the race official(s)

4. Only OEM snowmobiles of the 1981 and earlier model year are eligible. Snowmobiles are classed according to the commonly used old original typewritten 1981 SSRA class listing. If a snowmobile or model is not listed in the class listing, the race official will class the snowmobile into an appropriate competitive class.

5. When an engine other than the original is installed, the engine size and model will dictate the class.

6. All snowmobiles and drivers must appear at and proceed through the pre-stage gates for their prospective heat; there will be no direct travel from the pits to the start line unless directed to do so.

7. Driver’s Age Limitations:
a) For stock classes J up to E, drivers must be at least 10 years of age.
b) For stock classes D up to AA, drivers must be at least 14 years of age.
c) For all mod classes drivers must be at lease 16 years of age.

8. It is also recommended that all younger drivers have attended the SSA Snowmobile safety course or equivalent.

9. Lifting of the back of the snowmobile and turning the track without a proper three sided safety stand is strictly prohibited in the pits, paddocks, pre-stage or start line areas. Lifting of the back of the snowmobile and turning the track with or without a proper three sided safety stand is strictly prohibited at the start line as well. Drivers disregarding this rule will be deemed to have finished last in their heats. Snowmobile engine RPM while on the stand is restricted to just over clutch engagement. Extreme revving of the engine for exhaust and engine warm up purposes is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate ejection of the operator from the race.

10. All drivers must wear an approved safety helmet and eye protection (glasses, goggles, shield etc). Both feet must remain safely on the running boards during the race. Drivers disregarding these rules will be deemed to have finished last in their heat.

11. Snowmobiles must not exceed walking speed in the pits or just above clutch engagement RPM. Snowmobiles are not allowed in the spectator or concession areas. This is at the discretion of track personnel. Stunting and other unruly behaviour will not be tolerated; ejection from the track may result.

12. Only the driver and his or her snowmobile are allowed at the start line. One pit personnel may be allowed to assist at the start line but this will be at the discretion of the race officials. Neither person may go past the start line. (IE no modifications to the start line area are allowed).

13. At the start line, snowmobiles must be positioned so ski tips are not projecting past the start line and must not be farther than 2 feet from the start line, unless directed to do so by the race officials.

14. Drivers leaving the start line before starter flag or light indication will be deemed to have finished last in their heat. The line judge’s decision is final!

15. Drivers leaving their lanes during the race will be deemed to have finished last in their heat.

16. Use of tether switches will be mandatory and must be attached to the driver whenever the engine is being started or is running. A working kill switch is recommended but not mandatory when a working tether switch is in place.

17. OEM safety equipment, such as clutch guards and chaincase covers must be installed and functional...

18. Use of a snow flap is mandatory. Bottom edge of snow flaps will be no more than 1” from the ground when the driver is seated on the snowmobile.

19. Brakes and steering mechanisms must be in good operational condition.

20. Heats are run in numbered sequence as shown on the draw board. The start line officials will wait a reasonable time to allow for difficulties. If the driver misses his or her heat they will be deemed to have finished last in their heat. If a discrepancy is detected on the draw board, please consult a race official before the heat in question is run. Please don’t bother the board personnel, but direct questions to a race official and they will investigate.

21. All tracks, rubber or cleated, must be in good operational condition. Tracks with frayed edges, cracks, excessive missing lugs, exposed fiberglass rods; broken or cracked cleats (other then factory pre-notched cleats), missing rivets, tears etc will not be allowed. Race official’s decision is final.

22. Skis must have adequate ski loops, steel, aluminum or plastic, to prevent the ski from “digging in” on rough surfaces. Race official’s decision is final. Ski skins are not allowed.
Richard Gehl

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